Gas scrubber

Gas scrubbers are used in many fields of industry. This air pollutant is washed out with a washing solution. The planned gas scrubber and washing solution is customized individually for your emission control system.

The following pollutants can be washed out among others with a gas scrubber:

  • Acids: Hydrochloric acid HCl, fluoric acid HF, hydrobromic acid HBr, acetic acid C2H4O2,…
  • Sulphur dioxide SO2, hydrogen sulphide H2S, mercaptans (thiols)
  • Hydrazine H4N2, Nitrogen dioxide, dinitrogen tetroxide N2O4,
  • Chlorine Cl2, fluorine F2, carbon dioxide CO2,
  • Ammonia NH3 and amines NR3,
  • Organic compounds: Phenol C6H6O, ethylene oxide C2H2O, propylene oxide C3H6O…
  • Organic solvents: Methanol CH4O, ethanol C2H6O, acetone C3H6O, formaldehyde CH2O…

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Gas scrubber in explosive zone

Often an exhaust air system could be in an explosive atmosphere. Installations in an explosive atmosphere (in Europe) are planned and implemented according to ATEX directive. Classification in the ATEX category influences the choice of materials and devices. In such applications, we build the system according to your specifications in compliance with the applicable directives and standards.

Gas scrubber after combustion

Exhaust gas purification systems are often used behind ovens and incinerators. In these applications, the high exhaust gas temperature could be problematic. In such applications, a “quench” is often used to cool the exhaust gas. After the quench, an emission control system is possible.

Dust removal

For dust separation from exhaust air, we offer wet scrubbers. For the dust removal, it is possible to use Venturi scrubber or separator with lamellae depending on particle size and the nature of the particles.